The Social Media Success Formula

Supercharge your social media marketing in just 15 minutes a day

Ready to Supercharge Your Social Media?

Do you want to improve your social media situation, so you can attract more customers to your business?

Get a simple formula to shift your mindset, get clear on your message and master the right medium to increase your social media presence – in just minutes a day.

Led by the hosts of the Market Inside Out podcast, this Masterclass walks you through the steps you need to take to improve your social media situation by increasing your presence and visibility.

You'll Learn How To...

Be Visible

Be more visible on social media by stepping out of your comfort zone with a simple mindshift.

Write with Ease

Engage your audience with authenticity using a simple formula created by master copywriters – even if you’re not a writer.


Focus on the right social media platform for your business – and why you can ignore the rest.

Take Action

Amplify your social media presence with a daily 15-minute routine.

Hear from an attendee…

"I’m a business owner who has tried to run my social media and became totally overwhelmed. I have hired a company to run my social media and became thoroughly disappointed in the lack of results.

This Masterclass answered so many questions.

Not only do these ladies exude passion and expertise, they have broken down social media in a way that helps me understand why I struggled in the past and why hiring someone else to take over my social media was just not resonating with my audience. After watching this Masterclass, I now know how to move forward to be more successful with my social media.

There is such great value in this class, and I feel like I ABSOLUTELY KNOW what to do next."

Who’s Teaching?

Suzanne Longstreet

Suzanne is a mindset and success coach, though many clients call her a fairy godmother. Why? Because she makes limiting beliefs go “poof” so you can make bigger moves in your business and triple your revenue. A Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis, Suzanne is the founder of Success & Clarity – a coaching and training company helping entrepreneurs create the lives and businesses they deserve.

Emma O’Brien

Emma helps founders go from “I can’t freakin’ explain my business” to playing bigger with clear messaging. As a brand strategist and messaging expert, she’s worked with household names and tech giants – now, she’s teaching her million dollar strategies to startups and small businesses.

Michelle Tresemer

Michelle will help you discover the joy and beauty of online marketing, even if it frustrates the hell out of you right now. With her signature wisdom and wit, Michelle helps business owners focus on what really matters: authentically connecting with your customers. Her programs offer a simple, guided path to marketing wins.

"It took me years of workshops and intensive self study to learn what you threw down in the mindset section alone! I feel more motivated and confident thinking of my business social media as another opportunity to practice the skills and awareness I've used to level up every other aspect of my life."

Get Instant Access to the Masterclass

The Social Media Success Formula will help you go from stuck to sharing your genius with the people who need you – so your income and impact grows.

It’s a one-time, $147 payment to un-stick your social media. Let’s do this!

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