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Defusing the Marketing Minefield for Entrepreneurs

Tired of tip toeing through the marketing minefield?

Join Suzanne Longstreet, Emma O’Brien, and Michelle Tresemer diffuse that marketing minefield, making it less crazy, terrifying, annoying, and dreadful.

If you’re a solo-preneur or entrepreneur who handles marketing yourself, or are really close to your own marketing, this podcast series is going to lead you through the three essentials of marketing: mindset, message, and medium.

Welcome to the Market Inside Out Podcast, Episode 1, “Defusing the Marketing Minefield for Entrepreneurs” with Suzanne Longstreet, Emma O’Brien, and Michelle Tresemer. We’re excited to share our collective marketing expertise. This introductory episode introduces who we are, our individual expertise, and a bit about our journeys to that expertise. Plus, you’ll learn why you’ve got to get your mindset right before working on your message and proceeding on to your digital medium. We’re glad you’ve joined us!

Market Inside Out: Who are we and what’s our expertise?

Suzanne Longstreet

Moderator and Facilitator of the Market Inside Out Podcast.
Expertise: Mindset and Success Coach

Too many entrepreneurs are struggling with their mindset and that’s keeping them stuck in survival mode. I work with clients, mostly entrepreneurs, to get rid of what is stopping them, to believe in themselves and their potential so they can go out into the world and share their message in an impactful and inspiring way.

Emma O’Brien

Expertise: Brand Strategist and Messaging Expert

I help companies tell their story in a clear and compelling way through messaging and brand strategy. I work with a lot of big B2B companies, some household names you’ve probably seen in the store. Recently, I started working with entrepreneurs and small businesses, teaching them these strategies, because you shouldn’t have to pay a zillion dollars to learn how to have an awesome message that’s authentic.

Michelle Tresemer

Expertise: Whole Systems Digital Marketing Coach, Strategist, Consultant, and Trainer

I go at a high level—what digital marketing is and how can you use it to get your business out into the world—all the way down to what you need to push on Facebook to make your ad go. I help people with whole systems. If it’s tech or nerdy, I’m the specialist in that area.

Is Market Inside Out for you? [3:40]

It is if you are one of the following:

  • An entrepreneur who is really close to your own marketing.
  • A solopreneur.
  • The owner of a small business, and you deal with all of the marketing and new business development.
  • You run the marketing for a business and have hit a massive, emotionally draining roadblock.
  • Anyone who feels like marketing is about as pleasant as walking through a minefield.

Do these examples resonate? If so, you’re listening to the right podcast series.

  • Emma’s Example: “Are you an entrepreneur who rambles when someone asks what you do in your business? Even I do it. What I’ve found is that when you’re not clear on your message and what your business is about and why you’re here in the world, it dings at your confidence. When your confidence gets dinged, you don’t make the big moves you could in your business.”
  • Suzanne’s Example: To help with her message, she hired a business coach, who advised her “‘Go talk to a hundred people.’ And I’m like, ‘What am I going to say to them? Who am I to say something to them? And how am going to figure out my marketing and my message if I don’t?’ And I just sat on the couch.”
  • Michelle’s Example: “I get a lot of calls from whom Emma is talking about, but they’re in tears. They don’t know what to do. It’s scary, it’s technical, and they get completely lost; they go sit on the couch. If they have to learn one more thing, they’re going to lose it.”

Why We’re Doing Market Inside Out [5:34]

Emma: I can help people understand the marketing and the mindset and the story and all these juicy things that actually lead to success, not just like the latest funnel blueprint. Or gaming the algorithm. These are the things that actually work. And I know they work.”

Suzanne: “I’m doing this for the person I was 10 years ago, who was stuck on the couch, who was terrified, who didn’t believe in herself, who would never have done this—shown up on a video and put her voice out…if I can reach through this podcast one person and have them move forward to be inspirational, to live their dream, to empower them, to stand up and share their voice in the world, I will mark this as successful podcast.”

Michelle:My goal for this is to help entrepreneurs calm down; to help them relax about it and tell them what’s a priority. To give them some grace that they don’t have to do it all.”

How do you get your message out into the world?[9:40]

You do it by starting with mindset, which is essential to building your message and brand story, both of which need to be clear before tackling the medium or digital tools.

Don’t get your medium before your mindset and message. Here’s why:

Michelle: “My area of expertise is what tools are you going to use? And that could be your whole marketing tech stack, that comes down to what CRM you choose or what email tool you use. And most importantly, it’s where is your ideal customer and how do we use those tools to reach them and authentically engage? If you try to do it without those other two pieces, it ends in disaster every single time. And you look spammy, you look like a D bag and it’s not cool.”

Suzanne: “I just did the classic thing… Oh, I know, I’ve got this idea, and I want to get it out into the world. How am I going to do this? And that’s what everybody does…they forget the mindset. They forget the message and they go right into what social media platform. Somebody told me I need to have a website. And somebody told me…I need to be on LinkedIn. And somebody told me I need to go and perfect my elevator pitch. What the heck’s an elevator pitch?”

Emma: “The ‘somebody told me’ thing is maddening, because it’s hearsay or you heard something or a friend (who’s probably not, and doesn’t have the experience) told you this, and you have this expectation, and it actually drives your strategy and the things that you do. I know in my business, when I started, for some reason, I believed that all marketing was writing articles on my blog. That to me was marketing….And I can’t believe that I actually thought that for two years, but that’s just what I heard. And that’s what I thought.”

Michelle: “It’s really, really common. And I bet you also found that, hey, that one thing didn’t work.”

Emma: “Absolutely….No. And then you go, ‘I suck at marketing.’ Right? That’s the next thing. You do one thing. It doesn’t work. And you think, therefore I suck.”

Michelle: “No one wants to buy this thing….And then your whole business is absolute crap.”

Suzanne: “I was writing a post. I’ve been writing a post, excuse me, a blog since 2014 and fairly regularly; I’ve been weeklyish. That was my goal. And then it would die off. And then there was a whole year that it just didn’t happen at all. And I kept thinking, this is a waste of time because nobody’s seeing it. I put one blog out onto a website that nobody knows about…Oh, and I would do a Facebook post around it and then link it to that and think this is a complete fail.”

“Recently, I went to went to a training with my business coach around marketing…and the first thing I wrote down was:

I don’t know what the heck I’m doing around marketing. I don’t know anything about marketing. I don’t know what to do.

And I used to fancy myself as a marketing mindset coach, years ago. And I kind of felt like a fraud. And because I was doing this and doing that and I would, I was really good at telling people to do. And then I got to this training, full two-day training in March of this year. And she said, ‘Okay, write down all your beliefs around marketing.’ I wrote them all out, and I’m like, oh my God, I suck at marketing. I don’t know how to do it. And over and over and over again. And then she went into the four modules on how to market and I went, ‘Oh, I do that. Oh, I do that too. I’ve been doing that for years. Oh my goodness. I know how to market!’”

Today’s Big Takeaway for Defusing the Marketing Minefield for Entrepreneurs [13:53]

First: You get clear with your mindset and know what’s important.
Next: Then you figure out the message and what to say.
Finally: Go into the medium.


When you start with the medium, then try and figure out the message and then the mindset it’s not going to work as well as when you start with the mindset, figure out the message, and then go to the actualdigital marketing. That’s more effective.

And that’s why we’re here talking about marketing. From the inside out, so that you can be successful from here (the mindset) to the message. And then to the medium.

Thank you for listening to the Market Inside Out Podcast with Suzanne Longstreet, Emma O’Brien and Michelle Tresemer.

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