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Let’s start today’s Market Inside Out Podcast with a question. What energy do your social posts give off? All the energy of cold oatmeal? Junk mail? The ‘meh’ of an empty toilet paper roll? If your social posts are uninspired, Suzanne Longstreet, mindset and success coach, Emma O’Brien, brand strategist and messaging expert, and Michelle Tresemer, whole systems digital marketing coach, strategist, and consultant, get to the root of the problem. The mavens of marketing talk about expected outcomes when you write social media from a mindset devoid of enthusiasm. And they’ve got advice on how to reach out to your target audience from a swirl of energy and enthusiasm. Likening these two states to vacuum or vortex, today’s conversation examines the visibility mindset, how to manage spells of low energy, how to ensure your energy conveys that you give a shit, and how to maintain your love for your clients in a language they understand when you outsource social media. Today’s conversation begs the question,

“what energy does your social media send out into the world?”

Get Your Vortex On

A vortex is a natural phenomenon that moves, twists, and is empowered by and creates its own energy. Your passions and talents can work like a vortex, and if you’ve crafted those into a business or service you’re selling, your energy can work as a powerful current, drawing in others.

Suzanne [00:33] explains this further. “The principle behind this is that energy infuses everything. And the energy that we put out into the world will attract the energy that we want back.”

Michelle [01:25] talks about what happens when you harness “this weird energy,” something that an outsourced person rarely replicates. Michelle advises posting from your best energy. [02:07]: “Try it for two weeks. Super high energy, focused, think about your ideal customer, and post every single day for 14 days and watch what happens. I can almost guarantee, in fact, I can guarantee you’re going to see better results than you ever would. It’s that energy and that focus, your posts will be better. It’s amazing what happens.”

From Visibility Mindset to Truly Sharing Yourself with Your Customers

Let’s face it, we don’t always feel at the top of our energy game. Fear of visibility can keep us from tapping into that vortex. But you’ll get results when you break out and actually share your unique gifts and expertise. Here are ways to get there:

Visibility Mindset

Emma [02:29] reminds the group that posting from high energy is contingent on attaining a visibility mindset. Without her mindset work on visibility, she would have said, “‘Hell no, why do you think I’m trying to outsource this shit? It’s because I don’t want to do that. I’m terrified.’ What would I say? ‘I’m scared, 14 days. People don’t want to hear from me that much. What do I even say? I don’t want—other people do it better than me.’”

Emma [03:00] also notes that women, especially, are often “afraid to get out there in a bigger way in social media….They’re kicking ass in business. They’re experts. They know so much. And yet, faced with the concept of getting on social media, they go straight to like, ‘Well, who can I hire to take care of this for me?’”

How to “Get Visible”

Suzanne [03:26] “Yeah. We want to hide behind that mask, that invisible curtain, ‘Let me get somebody else to do it.’ So yeah, it is a mindset shift.” Suzanne says one way to get into that mindset shift can be “…remembering a time when something went really well. For example, Emma, last year, when you got your first high-paying client, and then you stepped into that energy of confidence and power, and then you did a whole bunch of marketing and posting.” Suzanne says when you’ve tapped into that, try “talking to your ideal client; string it out as a bunch of posts, see what happens.”

Emma [04:44] “Absolutely. I think it really is about stepping into that energy, stepping into a place of thought leadership, stepping into a place of love for the people you’re trying to serve. That was another big ah-ha for me, when my mentor said that, ‘It’s service, there are people out there who need your help, and it’s doing a disservice hiding and not letting them know that you’re there’…. So when you make that mindset shift, it helps you generate ideas. But it also helps you get into that energy of giving, of service, of love, of excitement. And it works, that travels through the words.”

A Visible Mindset Focuses on Your Ideal Client’s Needs

Emma [05:54] “…if you are getting into the head of your ideal client, maybe you’re imagining one that you’ve worked with who was your favorite, or you’ve got this idea of who you want to serve, and you get in their head and you see the world through their eyes and you connect; you talk to them one-on-one, you acknowledge what they’re going through. You acknowledge what it looks like, how they’re feeling, how it may be affecting different parts of their life. You shine a light on that problem that they have. You help them see that you get it, that you hear them, that you see them. And then you let them know that there’s a solution, there’s a way. And you have it…”

“Just by acknowledging and recognizing that problem, you’re showing that you understand–that you can maybe help.”

-Emma O’Brien, Punchy.co

Tips for Managing Low-Energy spells

Nobody is up all the time. Keeping your low energy out of your social posts takes some vigilance, refocus time, a mental break, and even having someone you trust reflect what they’re seeing.

  1. Michelle’s Tip [06:49]: Don’t post when you’re in low-energy mode. Get to the energy by focusing on what you can do for others. “I know exactly what my brain goes through when I’m writing the post. Deep down I think, ‘I really don’t want someone to read this.’ But if I do what Emma says and think, Okay, how can I be of service to my prospects and customers and audience? All of a sudden, I want them to read it. I want them to engage with it and ask questions. And it completely changes everything that I put out there.”
  2. Emma’s Tip [07:26]: Tap into what clears your head. “…when I have low energy, I just like drop the pen and walk away from the keyboard. And for me it’s always going outside for a walk or go for a run or blasting Lizzo and dancing in my office. Something like that.”
  3. Suzanne’s Tips [07:43] Get feedback from someone who cares about you. “I wrote a blog post last week, really low energy, not good. I had one of my friends reach out and say, ‘Are you okay?….Because you wrote things like, Shook you to your core, brought up your past trauma.’ I’m like, ‘Oh crap’….So I went back and edited it, and thank you to her for bringing that to my attention.”

Also, Suzanne [08:18] advises when you’re going through a spell of low emotions: “pull back and recharge.”

“…this week is the anniversary of my father’s death. So I’m going to have some low emotions….I realized, ‘Okay, this is what I’m feeling. I’m going down. I’m tapping out. I’m just taking the day off.’ So I took the day off. I took my hands off the steering wheel. They were clenched tight, trying to control everything. And I stepped back, and two prospects reached out to want to work with me.”

The Energy of Giving a Shit

Michelle [10:04] says she has “…been struggling with how to write in a job description, ‘I need you to give a shit.’” It’s difficult, she says, to find “people like that who can crank out work, but care about every single post.”

Suzanne [10:26] shares a story of a client retaining her for a job important to her business growth. Why? The client explained, “…because your energy is better. You are responsible. You are showing up. You give a shit. And that’s the energy that we want in this program.” Suzanne goes on to say, “you can teach people skills, but you can’t teach them attitude. So how do you get the person who’s got the right attitude posting for you, giving a shit?”

Michelle [12:25] responds: “It starts with your energy. So if I’m finding someone and my energy is, ‘I just need this the fuck off my plate,’ that’s not going to get me the right person to do it…But if my energy starts with, ‘I want someone to love and nurture my social accounts and help me serve my clients better.’ That’s a totally different person I’m going to hire.”

Energy and Outsourcing

Emma [12:51] blends give-a-shit-energy with outsourcing: “…we talk about outsourcing, and when it’s time to outsource, and if it’s too early. So, you can hire someone who gives a shit immensely, and really cares. But if you have not figured out what your message is as a brand, as a company, as a person, if you haven’t figured out what your voice is and what you stand for and the things you talk about, your core brand message,” then hiring a social media assistant can’t get you there. “That’s above their pay grade; they’re not trained to help you with that. They’re great at executing if you already have that stuff in place and bringing it to life in beautiful ways on social media. But there’s this time where you have to figure that stuff out yourself and really feel it and know it. And when you’re confident in it, then you can find someone who cares and they can help you bring it to life across different channels.” In other words, you have to do the work of figuring out your message first.

“It’s a rite of passage in your own business….If you don’t know your core story and what you talk about, they’re not going to be able to do it either.”

-Emma O’Brien, Punchy.co

Michelle [14:55] discusses two approaches to social media in her ebook, Your Reasonable Guide to Outsourcing Your Social Media.

  1. Billboard approach, “where most small businesses make this mistake. They don’t do it themselves. They get it off their plate, and they get billboards. And it’s basically using organic social as your advertising platform. There’s no real message. It’s plugging your programs or your services. No real engagement. There’s no place for anyone to engage with you, because it’s just talking to a wall.”
  2. Real social social media. Organic, social media written to connect and interact with the ideal client. Or as Suzanne [16:20] describes, “the person I want to attract. This is the person who’s my ideal client. This is my muse. This is who I’m helping. And it’s a bullseye target. I want to get to that person. And so I’m going to speak their language. I’ve got to connect with them in their energy.”

Michelle [16:46] distinguishes between the two: “The first way is all about me. The second way is all about them. But in order to make that shift, it requires mindset and the right messaging.”

Suzanne [17:01] reminds you that you must do the mindset and messaging work “Before you can figure out the medium to use.”

Michelle [17:04]: “The medium is useless, and it doesn’t get you any benefits. You get no ROI on it until you’ve got those pieces. And it’s not about you anymore. That’s what inbound marketing is, right?”

Emma [17:16]: “The billboard, I mean, let’s face it. That just doesn’t work anymore. I mean, it doesn’t work. You see companies on social media, company brands doing that. No one’s engaging with that. It’s just, it’s so passé.”

Michelle [17:29]: “It’s not even it doesn’t work. It gives you a negativeScott Stratten, one of my favorite podcasters—he says ‘there is no such thing as a neutral brand interaction. It is either positive or negative.’ There is no neutral. Think on that…So if you stop doing that bullshit that you think is zero, like neutral, think of how much time you’re going to save by just allowing yourself to say, ‘You know what? I am not ready for this. It is not going to be a net positive for me. I’m just not even going to do it.’ You’re going to get back a ton of time and energy.”

Final Vacuum versus Vortex Words of Wisdom

Emma [19:20]: “I wish someone had told me about this. Because, like Michelle said, there’s no such thing as a neutral interaction. It’s either positive or negative. If you’re in a space where it’s draining you, you feel like you’re in a vacuum, it’s hard, then maybe you’ve got some mindset work to do. Maybe step back, focus on some other styles of marketing, like referral. It’s okay. If you are in that vacuum, it’s okay. Set your sights on eventually flipping the switch to vortex. But focus on other areas, because trying to fight against that and make these steps while being in the vacuum isn’t going to do you any favors….It’s permission to maybe try something different if you can’t get yourself out of that vacuum.”

Suzanne [20:07]: “Vacuum versus vortex energy….before you do anything next time, make sure that you are in a positive state of mind before you write the message, before you push send on the email or click onto the post now, or schedule later on your medium. Make sure that you are doing it with the highest and best intentions with positive energy, so that you’re willing and able to attract the people that need you.”

“…you are needed in the world. Everybody needs what you have. So shine your light. Get out in the world, make a difference in positive energy.”

-Suzanne Longstreet, Success & Clarity

Key Takeaways From Today’s Episode

  • Your passions and talents work like a vortex that moves, twists, and is empowered by and creates its own energy. When you craft those into a business or service, your energy can work as a powerful current, drawing in others.
  • The energy that we put out into the world will attract a similar energy.
  • Try posting from your best energy for two weeks. Make sure it’s high energy and focused on the needs of your ideal customer. Post every single day for 14 days, and watch better results come back to you.
  • A fear of visibility can keep us from tapping into our energy vortex. This can be especially true of talented, expert business women who are kicking ass in their field or industry.
  • To help you make the mindset shift to one of visibility, try remembering a time when something went really well, maybe when you got your first high-paying client. Step back into the confidence, power, and energy you felt then. When you’ve tapped that, talk to that ideal client when writing posts.
  • When struggling to step back into that place, remember that you offer help and service people really need. If you’re remaining invisible, they’re languishing. Refocus on those people to get into that energy of giving, service, love, and excitement.
  • Your energy changes when you get into the head of your ideal client; when you see their needs through their eyes. By acknowledging what they’re going through, you shine a light on the problem they have, which you can offer a solution to. Your empathy carries true energy.
  • When you’re struggling with low energy:
    • don’t post. Don’t send that bad juju out into the world.
    • focus instead on your clients’ needs to help you get back to a more energetic place.
    • clear your head with what works for you: a walk, rocking out, dancing, playing with your dog—whatever works.
    • get feedback from someone who cares about you.
    • take the time to pull back, refocus, and recharge.
  • Giving a shit carries a lot of energy. Your social posts reflect it as do all your communications. It’s attitude and energy combined, and it draws in what you’re sending out. If you’re looking for someone to love and nurture your social accounts, make sure you’re loving and nurturing your social accounts first.
  • When you want an outsourced person to replicate your give-a-shit-energy, there are a couple things you must have in place first:
    • You have to know what your message is as a brand, as a company, and as a person.
    • You have to know what your brand’s voice and values are.
    • You need to have taken the time to really know and feel your message. And when you’re confident in what it is, then you can find someone to care about and relay your core story.
  • Outsourcing before you’re clear on your brand, voice, and message too often results in billboard social messaging, where there is no real engagement.
  • Real social social media is written to connect and interact with your ideal client using their language.
  • Billboard messaging is all about you; real social social media is about your ideal client. But in order to make that shift, you need the right mindset and messaging.
  • There’s no shortcut. You must do the mindset and messaging work before you choose a proper medium to use.
  • Your brand interactions are either positive or negative; there’s no neutral.
  • Make sure you are in a positive state of mind before you create any message—social media or email. When you get there, shine your light! You and your talents are needed!

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